When Medicine is Personal: The Untold Impact of Medical Brigades

Read the story of a community member in Honduras and the impact of Medical Brigades.

Feedback from 2 Empowered Communities: Here’s What We Learned [infografic]

From implementation to follow-up of Empowered Communities, we learned about community members’ experience of partnering with us. Here’s what we found!

The Power of Community Banks and Access to Loans

This is the importance of Community Banks. Lack of access to affordable loans or savings accounts is often the case in many rural communities across Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ghana.

Evaluating Empowered Communities with Global Brigades

Evaluating allows us to learn more about the long-term effects and behavior changes as a result of implementing the Holistic Model.

Water Works in Honduras: Completed, Pending and Planned Water Systems

Written by Sarah Diver, Former Global Brigades Program Associate The first six months of 2019 for the Water Team in Honduras were very busy! Turning on the taps for one new water system is exciting, but how about three? Check out this exciting update on those water systems and mo…

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The Unexpected Benefit of Going on a Brigade

When deciding to go on a brigade, you expect that it will change you. You expect the culture, the community, and the impactful work will open your mind to new perspectives and challenge you to see the bigger picture. Read this article to see the unexpected benefit of going on a b…

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Volviendo a Veraguas: Celebrating 10 Years of Medical Brigades in Panama

El Peñón is a testament to how positive change can happen when organizations and individuals invest in a community’s sustainable development. Check out the history and accomplishments with Medical Brigades and the community of El Peñón in Panama.

A Letter About Impact: M&E Is Just Right For Me

Data is the foundation of all of Global Brigades’ program impact. Learn from GB’s Monitoring & Evaluation Associate Bridget Silk about her role in data and impact.

Legal Empowerment: A Wedding to Remember in El Espinito, Honduras

On May 17, 2019, students from the University of Southern California’s Legal Empowerment group of volunteers attended a wedding in El Espinito in the department of El Paraíso, Honduras.

Research With Global Brigades: Women’s Health Matters, Period.

Getting involved with women’s health research on and off brigade helped shape Olivia’s career goals. Learn more about research opportunities with Global Brigades.

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