Global Water Brigades: The Test We Aced

By Program Associate Sarah Diver in Honduras One of the biggest things many people take for granted is waking up in the morning and turning on the faucet to take a shower, wash our face or brush our teeth. In the community of El Saucito located in the south of Honduras, it was no…

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Stories Of Sustainable Impact: 10 Top GB Blog Posts in 2018

We had a busy year filled with training Community Health Workers, planning for brigades and Leadership Institutes, and celebrating our 10 year anniversary, just to name a few things. As we reflect on blog articles written throughout 2018, we look forward to a year ahead with new …

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Experience GB’s Holistic Model: Leadership Institutes

Leadership Institutes provide students with a volunteer opportunity like no other. Participants are offered an in-depth and experiential look in the inner workings of an international non-profit. The five days are scheduled around different development programs – medical, public …

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Who Will Cut The Birthday Cake? GB Celebrates 10 Years

Global Brigades is officially 10 years old! We are deeply grateful for the passionate people who have helped us grow to the point of being a thriving sustainable development organization. Volunteers, staff, and community members have poured creativity, efficiency, and expertise i…

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Community-Based Healthcare

By Maddison Staszkiewicz, Monitoring & Evaluation Program Associate in Honduras Community Health Worker Conferences are an opportunity for Community Health Workers (CHWs) from the same region of Honduras to come together to learn about aspects of health care, practice their s…

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One Brigade At A Time

By Nisha Datt, Global Brigades Program Associate in Nicaragua Brigade leaders, how do you make it look so easy? On top of keeping up with your coursework, exams, and club meetings, you are planning a brigade! That is no joke. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication tha…

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Global Brigades and The UN Sustainable Development Goals

From the intersection of Global Brigades’ development work and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals came The Empowered 100 initiative as a commitment to empower 100 rural Central American communities to permanently rise out of global poverty.

Inspire Your Summer: Global Brigades Leadership Institute

Global Brigades’ Summer Leadership Institute is an experience built specifically for aspiring leaders. If you’re passionate about making an impact and want to learn more about international development, this is the opportunity.

The Numbers and Voices of Reporting

How international socializing promotes social progress.

Google, Girls, and Giving | Guest Post

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, we are featuring an original guest post from Tricia Raikes, co-founder of The Raikes Foundation and Giving Compass.

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