Did You WASH Your Hands?

Global Brigades celebrates the clean, helping hands of volunteers, staff, and community partners on Global Handwashing Day.

From Soil Plots to Solar Panels

Reflecting on the journey, evolution, and triumphs of the Ipeti Granja community farm.

More Than a Cupcake, More Than a Volunteer Trip

April is National Volunteer Month, and Global Brigades is taking a moment to appreciate the continuous hard work accomplished by our volunteers throughout the GB365 year.

Bridging Cultural Preservation with Sustainable Development

Global Brigades celebrates International Mother Language Day and recognizes the importance of bridging cultural preservation with our work in sustainable development.

Planting Seeds, Growing Money

You can’t grow money on trees, but you can plant seeds that grow into money. GB Panama hosts their annual Community Bank Empowerment Summit and watches Community Banks thrive.

Human Rights Brigades Combat Domestic Violence

Human Rights Brigades in Panama actively advocate for the right to a life free of violence.

Peterborough Medical Brigade – Sad Farewell to Dr. Hardy Friesen

Global Brigades partner, Friends of Honduran Children (FoCH) is a thriving non-profit organization based in Peterborough, Ontario in Canada that annually organizes three Medical Brigades.  In the last eight years, Dr. Hardy Friesen has been instrumental with the development of FoHC Medical Brigades. Under his direction, FoHC Medical Brigades provided $1 million worth of medicine […]

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Not your typical 9 to 5…

How many 20-somethings wake up every morning actually looking forward to work? Judging from the constant grumbling coming from my former classmates a few months into their lives in the “real world”, not many. They have to wake up before sunrise, dressing themselves in the uncomfortable attire that is “business professional”, cramming into hot and […]

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A Witness to a Social Movement, I Need a Jacket and a Thinking Cap

In 2 months on the road, with just a backpack and a computer, I have evidence that a social movement is at hand. It’s still a bit underground, as so many grassroots movements are at the beginning, but there’s no doubt that it’s there; and it’s powerful. Thousands of university students from around the world […]

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