Volviendo a Veraguas: Celebrating 10 Years of Medical Brigades in Panama

El Peñón is a testament to how positive change can happen when organizations and individuals invest in a community’s sustainable development. Check out the history and accomplishments with Medical Brigades and the community of El Peñón in Panama.

From Soil Plots to Solar Panels

Reflecting on the journey, evolution, and triumphs of the Ipeti Granja community farm.

Bridging Cultural Preservation with Sustainable Development

Global Brigades celebrates International Mother Language Day and recognizes the importance of bridging cultural preservation with our work in sustainable development.

Planting Seeds, Growing Money

You can’t grow money on trees, but you can plant seeds that grow into money. GB Panama hosts their annual Community Bank Empowerment Summit and watches Community Banks thrive.

BISD Launched in Panama

The Brigades Institute for Sustainable Development Launched in Panama Orion Haas 01/13/2009 Last week, 14 Global Brigades students completed the first ever Brigades Institute for Sustainable Development (BISD) event in Panama dedicated to rethinking the way youth, and the entire world, does development work. This workshop challenged the perspectives and pursuits of students, Global Brigades […]

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Uniting 6 Sustainable Farms

I’m about to set off on another journey to Panama, and I really can’t wait. This will be my fourth Brigade, but the feeling is still the same. I’m excited and anxious for the work that awaits. My first 3 brigades all took place in one community working on one project. Learning a new community […]

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Global Brigades Acknowledged in John Perkins' New Book, Hoodwinked

The student-led sustainable development work of Global Brigades and partner organizations in Panama are featured in Hoodwinked, the new release of New York Times best selling author, John Perkins. Brigades university clubs have developed microenterprise and environmental solutions through a mutual partner, Earth Train, for the Mamoni Valley Reserve. The Reserve is a focus of […]

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Rainforest in Panama Threatened by Mining

Miriam Esquitín, a member of the Canada Brigades team, recently spent time exploring new opportunities for Global Environmental Brigades (GEB) in Panama. GEB works with community members to promote environmental sustainable development by focusing on socio-economic challenges linked to resource depletion. Projects typically include reforestation, rainforest preservation, energy-efficient design, eco-tourism and organic agriculture extension. Miriam […]

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John Perkins and Jane Goodall in Panama

‘Together we can save the world. We must!’- Jane Goodall

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It was a good day for Brigades!

There’s no doubt about that! You know the feeling you have when you accomplish that one thing you have always dreamt of? What if I told you that on Wednesday Oct. 13, Global Brigades got “a taste of that feeling” on the night we were invited as a guest speaker to the “U.S. Navy League” […]

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