Transition back to Honduras

Two days ago I landed in a country I’ve been to 4 times before. A country I missed with all my heart when I was away, and immediately felt at home with upon my arrival. The flight to Honduras was short, with the usual bad movie and even worse package of crap food, but it […]

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My First Medical Brigade: A Canadian Story – by Paul Jones

Paul Jones is a 2nd year medical student at McMaster University who recently joined the founding Board of Global Brigades Canada. He brings his experience from Medical Brigades with Friends of Honduran Children as well as his social entrepreneurship experience with Students Offering Support to Global Brigades. Our journey began at 1 am on a […]

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The only experience.

I had the most incredible experience on a public health brigade last week in Honduras. I wrote some of this while in Pajarillos and some upon my return to the States. I think it covers the extent of the experience, from criticism back home, to being welcomed in a place unknown. Thank you Global Brigades […]

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Roadtrippin' to Panama

So earlier this week I began a three day roadtrip from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Panama City, Panama.  It was actually an incredibly beautiful drive.  Country to country, through the mountains, scenic vistas the entire drive.  The roads, as you can imagine, leave something to be desired, but that comes with the territory.  Overall, the actual […]

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The Honduran Psyche

Last night a few of the Americans living here went with some Honduran friends to play a game of soccer.  I had only met one of the four Hondurans before, but as they always are, the three new Hondurans were all very friendly towards me and the other Americans.  We walked to a small concrete […]

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Cuantas personas viven aqui?

“Cuantas personas viven aqui?” A question such as this typically has a straightforward answer, but when you’re on your last day of brigading, at your last house to survey, the fates would never provide the answer you’re looking for. We were at the house of the resident abuelo, a toothless man in his 80s living […]

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