The Inaugural Fellowship: Redefining Possibilities

The Inaugural Fellowship: Redefining Possibilities

Carter Neugarten, 01/13/2010

Global Brigades (GB) has redefined the possibilities available to students.  In an international social movement, students are uniting on university campuses around the world to travel to the homes, schools, and workplaces of Latin Americans to provide sustainable services and lead major development projects. This past fall, GB launched its Fellowship Program, further broadening the opportunities available to students and empowering them to do even more.  Dozens of students from across the country applied to the program, and 14 were accepted.

These Fellows are now advising the U.S. health chapters in everything from how to identify leaders and start clubs to how to prepare and run successful brigades.  They also compile and share ideas from different universities regarding best practices, and continue to shape GB’s advising system and policies.

Fellows make other contributions, including developing their own projects to improve the services GB offers to its beneficiaries.  Some projects are complex, requiring research, analysis, debate, and detailed implementation plans.  Depending on the Fellows’ interests and passions, the projects will address an assortment of subjects.  If they choose, Fellows can move to Honduras beginning this summer to implement their projects and work on the in-country team.

The Fellowship Program has greatly enhanced GB’s ability to advise its clubs and has simultaneously redefined the possibilities inherent in this social movement.  Fellows are now a driving force in the world’s largest student-led movement for international development.

For more information, or if you are interested in receiving an application for next year’s Fellowship Program when it becomes available this summer, please contact

Carter Neugarten is a Regional Coordinator and a Fellow for Global Brigades, Inc.  He is also a Presidential Advisor for NYU’s Medical Brigade chapter.

Images by Carter Neugarten, taken during Medical Brigades with NYU:

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