Uniting 6 Sustainable Farms

I’m about to set off on another journey to Panama, and I really can’t wait. This will be my fourth Brigade, but the feeling is still the same. I’m excited and anxious for the work that awaits. My first 3 brigades all took place in one community working on one project. Learning a new community and a new enterprise will be a challenge, but I’m definitely up for it! I am so inspired by the opportunity we have to help this new community. We’ll be sharing our lives and culture with 6 groups of Rincón Claro farmers. This is a huge undertaking- uniting 6 farms under 1 brand and successfully marketing them to local hotels and restaurants. Our non-profit partner in Panama is called Patronato de Nutrición, an organization that creates sustainable farms throughout Panama. They are well known and extremely successful in their mission. I look forward to this opportunity to improve the lives of another group of Panamanian citizens.


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