A Conversation with Global Medical Brigades Alumni Olivia Bates

Medical Brigades Alumni & Leader Olivia Bates explains how her virtual and in-person Brigade experiences with GB led her to pursue a career in medicine.

Think Bigger Than Band-aids! Why WASH is a Vital Component of Sustainable Development

Learn more about how GB’s WASH programming addresses the root issues that create poor health and lack of economic mobility in under-resourced communities.

Virtual Fundraising: 5 Covid-Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising in a pandemic can be hard, but it’s definitely not impossible. Check out these 5 COVID-safe fundraising ideas that you can use right now!

The Big Picture: How Medical Brigades Form a Global Perspective on Healthcare

The more I understood the health system, the more I was able to see health disparities in quality and access to care. It is one thing to read about these issues on paper. It is completely different to see it in person. Being in the community gave me an awareness of the standards …

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The Power of 10: A Decade of Impact with Global Brigades

Over the past 10 years, Global Brigades has celebrated incredible moments of impact as well as challenging moments of hardship. From global pandemics to the expansion of virtual TeleBrigades, we’ve allowed all of our experiences to root us even deeper into our mission and expand …

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Featured Fundraising: Warming Hearts & Brewing Change

Global Brigades is excited to continue partnering with Stone Creek Coffee in Milwaukee, WI to help support students fundraising for their Brigade or TeleBrigade. But why coffee? Read this blog article to find out why!

It’s Time to Disrupt the Microfinance Industry

A new goal for microfinance: not just provide loans, but build community assets and create a financial backbone to break the poverty cycle.

Chapter Social Media Account Best Practices

By Social Media Intern, Ellie Sabourin Joining a Global Brigades Chapter can be one of the most life changing decisions that you’ll make during your time in university. By joining a Chapter or even Becoming a Chapter President, you’ll have the opportunity to build your leadership…

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Global Brigades Announces TeleBrigades: International Community Service for All

How do we teach students to be Global Citizens and make a global impact in a virtual environment? We are excited to introduce you to TeleBrigades, the highest impact international sustainable development volunteer program, which also happens to be completely virtual.

Your Guide to Writing About Your Brigade on Your Medical School Application

Seven tips on how to write about your brigade on your medical school application.

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