A Conversation with Global Medical Brigades Alumni Olivia Bates

Medical Brigades Alumni & Leader Olivia Bates explains how her virtual and in-person Brigade experiences with GB led her to pursue a career in medicine.

Think Bigger Than Band-aids! Why WASH is a Vital Component of Sustainable Development

Learn more about how GB’s WASH programming addresses the root issues that create poor health and lack of economic mobility in under-resourced communities.

A New Approach to the Same Mission: Global Brigades Summer 2021 Highlights

In June, Global Brigades welcomed back in-person brigades for the first time since early 2020. Check out a few of our favorite 2021 summer highlights!

Defining Empowerment: Reexamining Community, Volunteer, and Staff Perspectives

Through the Monitoring & Evaluation team’s “Defining Empowerment Project” we discover the community, volunteer, and staff perspective on empowerment and how it propels our organization’s mission.

In The Trenches: Community Leaders Behind Global Brigades’ WASH Programming

Former GB Honduras Program Associate Madison Dutson proves why community leaders are the key to success behind Global Brigades’ WASH programmimg.

Meet GB Business TeleBrigade Mentor Amir Alinaghian

Amir Alinaghian, Product Manager at Oracle and long-time GB volunteer, reveals how his experience in Global Brigades helped jumpstart his career.

Our Staff Joined a TeleBrigade – Here’s What We Learned!

As staff members we were curious (and perhaps a bit skeptical) about how a TeleBrigade operates, so we decided to hop on a couple of TeleBrigades alongside student volunteers and GB staff. Here’s what we learned!

How Educators Are Combatting Virtual Learning Fatigue

Educators are being put under extreme pressure to prevent virtual learning fatigue. Our TeleBrigade programs help teachers bring real health and economic cases to students. Check out these testimonials from educators who’ve engaged their students with TeleBrigades.

The Big Picture: How Medical Brigades Form a Global Perspective on Healthcare

The more I understood the health system, the more I was able to see health disparities in quality and access to care. It is one thing to read about these issues on paper. It is completely different to see it in person. Being in the community gave me an awareness of the standards …

Read more The Big Picture: How Medical Brigades Form a Global Perspective on Healthcare

Transforming Volunteer Experiences into a Meaningful Career: An Interview with Radhika Prabhu

We spoke with Radhika Prabhu, Executive Director of the U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council at the U.S. Department of State, about how she transformed her volunteer experiences into a meaningful career.

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