When Engineering Becomes People: Bridging the Gap Between Math and Impact

We spoke with José Castejón, a Water and Engineering Technician in Honduras, to get his perspective at how working with Global Brigades has changed the way he views engineering. Here is what he had to say!

Perspectives from Rural & Indigenous Partner Communities in Panama

In the midst of the pandemic there are countless news reports about the catastrophic effects in the ‘developing world’ which often portray communities as ‘helpless’, ‘defenseless’ and ‘devastated’ by the social and economic effects of COVID-19. Regardless, there is little seen ab…

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The Roots of Life: Updates From Rural Ghana

Living in Rural Ghana is a one of a kind of experience. While Ghana faces some challenges, the country more than makes up for it with charm, friendliness, and originality. Eminently laid back and welcoming, it is the perfect place for those seeking unique experiences and wanting …

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Engineering Essentials for Clean Water: Good Design, Great Leaders, & The Heart of a Community in Honduras

To provide a community with access to sufficient and high-quality drinking water we rely on the love, faith, and hope of a whole community, committed to the future of its children and guided by unconditional and tireless leadership.

It’s Time to Disrupt the Microfinance Industry

A new goal for microfinance: not just provide loans, but build community assets and create a financial backbone to break the poverty cycle.

Global Brigades Announces TeleBrigades: International Community Service for All

How do we teach students to be Global Citizens and make a global impact in a virtual environment? We are excited to introduce you to TeleBrigades, the highest impact international sustainable development volunteer program, which also happens to be completely virtual.

How to Connect with Your Community *Your* Way

Check out some of the ways that you can connect with your community during this challenging time!

4 Ways Leadership Institutes Can Impact Your Future

Leadership Institutes are an amazing opportunity for volunteers! Learn more about the impact they can make on your future.

Virtually Connecting Through Challenging Times

Through challenging times, we want to stay virtually connected with you! Read this for a list of activities we can do to stay connected.

Empowering Women Through Community Banks

Read this to learn about how the success of the stability of Community Banks is largely due to the amazing female members!

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