7 Unexpected Benefits of Going on a Medical Brigade

Joining a Global Medical Brigade is a great opportunity to explore the field of global health, shadow physicians, and support GB’s ongoing sustainable development efforts. Though the possibilities are endless, we’ve compiled a list of 7 unexpected benefits of volunteering with Gl…

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Perspectives from Partner Communities: Global Brigades in Greece

Global Brigades Greece fills gaps and offers health education through Medical Brigades.

It’s Time to Disrupt the Microfinance Industry

A new goal for microfinance: not just provide loans, but build community assets and create a financial backbone to break the poverty cycle.

How COVID-19 has Affected The Empowered 100

As a result of the halting of international travel and the enforcement of lockdowns, our outlook for 2020 and beyond has begun to shift. The pandemic presents us with an opportunity to adapt and innovate how Global Brigades work toward the E100 goals.

Reinventing Recruitment and Fundraising: How to Navigate Virtually

One of the biggest questions Global Brigades leaders are facing as they approach the new school year is “how are we going to recruit and fundraise virtually?” More than ever, it is essential to create a strategy to recruit volunteers and fundraise donation goals to support and pa…

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Chapter Social Media Account Best Practices

By Social Media Intern, Ellie Sabourin Joining a Global Brigades Chapter can be one of the most life changing decisions that you’ll make during your time in university. By joining a Chapter or even Becoming a Chapter President, you’ll have the opportunity to build your leadership…

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A Lesson in Leadership: Emphasizing the “We”

Global Brigades counts on motivated student leaders to accomplish the recruitment and fundraising goals necessary to support the on-the-ground work in partner communities. This begs the question, what does a strong leader look like? Check out this blog post to learn more about st…

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Beyond Good Intentions: Evaluating the Ethics of Volunteering & Performative Activism

Engaging in international volunteering comes with a responsibility to educate ourselves and approach communities with humility. As we strive to be global citizens, it is important to recognize history and constantly examine our own motivations.

We Are Not The Saviors of This Story: Addressing White Saviorism Together

If we consider ourselves Global Citizens, then we must examine our intentions and ensure that we are putting the rights, respect, and desires of the community first and foremost in our practices.

Campus Chairpersons: 5 Benefits for this Unique GB Leadership Position

Here are 5 unique Benefits of the GB Campus Chairperson Leadership Position!

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