4 Ways for GB Alumni To Keep The Movement Going!

By Annie Otfinoski, Alumni Marketing Program Associate

Remember that brigade high you had when you got on the plane to return home, and how you never wanted your brigade to end? Or those connections you made with fellow brigader volunteers over your shared passion for sustainable development? Global Brigades wants you to experience that brigade high again, and reconnect with a network of GB Alumni!

We are excited to announce upcoming opportunities for the Global Brigades Alumni Network! We are dedicated to creating unique opportunities for volunteers in their post-collegiate careers, and we recognize that your capacity to help the GB movement changes throughout your life, so we want to facilitate your impact during every step of the way.

1. Alumni Brigades

For those of you Global Medical Brigade Alumni who have since gone on to become licensed healthcare professionals, congratulations on this amazing feat and get excited because we designed new Alumni Brigades just for you! This new 4-6 day brigade itinerary is designed to fit your busy schedule, and allows you to maximize your impact. You will work in teams of 8-12 alongside our local medical teams and trained Community Health Workers to implement mobile clinics and provide specialized care to referral patients.

Along with new brigades for healthcare professionals, we are also offering Alumni Brigades for business professionals. On this 4-6 day Business Brigade, volunteers will use their professional skills to assist GB staff in providing technical support and consultations to Community Bank members, and also help create deliverables and business plans, educational workshops, etc.

These new opportunities allow you to use your professional experience within our Holistic Model, which ultimately helps accomplish our sustainable development goals. While these new Alumni Brigades allow you to work alongside our community partners in country, you can also continue your impact from your home!

2. Email Updates

Sign up to receive email updates that will keep you connected to the movement in Central America, and the individuals in the movement. You will also get updates on community progress, programs, and upcoming events.

3. LinkedIn Networking

Another new feature in the Alumni Network is an alumni tab on our LinkedIn page.  This new feature allows you to find and connect professionally with fellow alumni based on job profession or company.  Make sure to add Global Brigades Inc. to your education, and under degree field we suggest you write  “Volunteer leadership and sustainable development experience while attending [University Name].”

We are excited to build a network of GB Alumni that will allow you to network professionally and socially with people who are just as passionate as you. Many of our brigaders are very involved in their chapters, and GB plays a large role in their undergraduate experience.  We are so proud of the things our alumni accomplish and want to share your successes with our community. Fill out this form so that we can post a spotlight on you!

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4. Alumni Hubs

While you can connect with fellow alumni virtually, we also have Alumni Hubs that allow you to connect in person! These hubs host events in cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. The Alumni Hubs give global leaders a space to empower one another to make sustainable positive change in the world.

Global Brigades brings together passionate like-minded individuals in an effort to find solutions to ending poverty, and while these connections may start in college they can continue throughout your lives! Like our volunteers, Global Brigades has grown and evolved since you first joined the movement. We want to hear what you’ve been up to, and we can’t wait to share the progress happening in our partner communities.  

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