How Volunteering *Actually* Applies to your Med School Applications

Aug 8, 2022 8:45:00 AM | Pre-Med How Volunteering *Actually* Applies to your Med School Applications

It's no secret that volunteering enhances your resume. It's also no secret that travel can fuel passion and spark inspiration. So, what happens when the two are combined?

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The Inspiration to Motivation Pipeline

Burn-out is real. Whether it's from constantly studying, working, or stressing about all of the above, when it happens it can deter your motivation. What fuels motivation? At Global Brigades, we believe that inspiration charges individuals with an enhanced perspective that encourages following their passion. Participating in a Brigade that aligns with your interests, whether it's medicine, public health, dentistry, engineering, water accessibility, or legal empowerment, provides you with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and collaboratively make a real-life impact in that field. 

You may or may not be pursuing a career in your Brigade's field, but either way, connecting your experience abroad to your studies and work opens a world (pun intended) of possibilities.

So Many People and Places

The field of medicine is immensely broad. Expanding your range of knowledge of illnesses, healthcare accessibility, and medicinal beliefs and practices is not only impressive, but important to your medical career. It's likely that you'll come across patients with a variety of backgrounds and needs. Not to mention, patient populations, no matter where you are in the world, are ever-changing. The knowledge you gain from traveling and Brigading abroad will serve as an endless asset to practicing cultural competency as a medical professional.

Unique Experiences - Unique Application

There are times and places for standing out, and your med school application is one of them. Gaining a unique experience of shadowing medical professionals from around the globe in rural settings not only allows you to make a sustainable impact in a Global Brigades partner community, but provides you with the opportunity to share your experience on your med school application, during your med school interviews, and beyond.  


They say traveling is good for the soul. We say volunteering abroad is good for the world, broadening your horizons, and empowering your career aspirations. To learn more about Brigade opportunities, tap here!

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Written By: Ashley Farhat, Marketing Associate