Intern Interviews: Meet Natalie & Eunice

Dec 22, 2022 8:00:00 AM | Internship Opportunities Intern Interviews: Meet Natalie & Eunice

GB interns help us tell the story of our international sustainable impact through authentic marketing efforts. Let's chat with two of our amazing interns!

Meet the Interns!

Natalie Polehna: 

"I am a third year student majoring in human biology and minoring in Spanish on the pre-dental track at Michigan State University. I first joined GB on my campus last school year and have been interning with GB since this summer. Apart from GB, I am in my school's pre-dental club, Zeta Tau Alpha, and a former member of the MSU pompon team."  


Eunice Huan:

"Hi! My name is Eunice Huan and I recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in human physiology. I am on the pre-medicine track and am currently in my gap year. I am originally from Malaysia and I came to the US in 2020. Feel free to reach out to me ( if you are interested in learning more or have any questions!"

How did you learn about Global Brigades and get involved?

Natalie: "My friend's older brother, who went to MSU and was also pre-dental, was a part of GB. I started doing my own research on GB, eventually finding my school's chapter and joining it. I then went on a medical brigade to Guatemala last spring break and then to Honduras this winter break."

Eunice: "I actually found out about GB through Instagram. It was during the pandemic when I was scrolling, and I came across a piece of content titled "Is Medical School Right for You?" and downloaded it. I really enjoyed reading. it and it got me intrigued about GB. I went down a rabbit hole just reading the website, exploring blog posts, and looking for ways to be involved. That's when I realized I was really connected with GB's mission and so I founded the current Global Medical Brigades chapter at the University of Iowa."

What has been the most valuable takeaway from your internship experience?

Natalie: "I think working in a collaborative and professional environment was one of the most important things I learned to navigate. As a pre-dental student, a marketing internship was very out of my comfort zone and was something I wasn't super familiar with. Having to challenge myself and learn how to problem solve and create in new ways was also a very valuable experience for me."

Eunice: "The most valuable takeaway for me was the opportunity to explore a side of myself that I didn't think I had. I am grateful for my mentors who guided my interest in creative and professional writing and gave me the validation and confidence to hone my skills in that specific area. As a pre-med student with a strong science background, I was apprehensive about the writing aspect of my medical school application. However, this internship pushed me out of my comfort zone to write about topics that I wasn't necessarily familiar with at the start, and also trained me to always consider my audience whenever I am communicating, no matter the medium."

What is it like being involved with GB at your university and as a staff member?

Natalie: "I think it's really cool being able to see both sides of Global Brigades. I've gotten to volunteer on brigades and participate in on-campus activities, while also creating content for the organization itself."

Eunice: "It's definitely two very different experiences. As a chapter leader and volunteer, I was very engaged in recruitment, fundraising, and building a community with like-minded and passionate students about global health. My focus was more on planning a successful brigade and motivating our members to be open to new experiences and learning more. As a staff member on the marketing team, my role was more behind the scenes and focused on recruitment. I was working on projects that had a longer lasting impact as a whole on the organization and contributed to furthering marketing efforts that reached more people. Both of those experiences were valuable and unique in their own ways and I am grateful to be able to work with an organization whose mission aligns with my own."

What advice would you give to an incoming GB marketing intern?

Natalie: "Take risks and don't be afraid to express ideas or try new things. This environment is so open and accepting. It's okay to make mistakes and learn from them. This experience has been incredibly helpful and such an amazing opportunity."

Eunice: "Don't be afraid to try things you have never done before! Everything in this internship is a learning opportunity and saying yes to things and experiencing it is the best way to diversify your skillset and grow as a person!"

Thank you for all that you do, Natalie and Eunice! Interested in the Global Brigades Internship Program? Learn more and apply here!

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Written By: Ashley Farhat, Senior Marketing Associate