International Pre-Med Experiences

Jul 11, 2022 8:00:00 AM | Pre-Med International Pre-Med Experiences

If you're a pre-med student, you probably already know the drill. Clock in shadowing and volunteering hours, get good grades, ace the MCAT - the list keeps going! But what if we told you that your volunteer hours could make a difference by helping others on an international level?

Download the Resource: How Pre-Meds Are Getting Experience Abroad

There are a lot of paths to get to medical school, and the experiences you gain along the way can help shape the foundation of your career and even further your passion for healthcare. Here are 3 ways international experience can benefit your own pre-med path:

1. Gain Global Health Insight

Medicine looks different across the globe. Common medical issues and practices vary worldwide based on factors ranging from socioeconomic status to cultural environments. When pursuing a career in the medical field, it's important to recognize and respect all aspects of healthcare, whether in your home country or halfway across the world. Participating in a Medical Brigade expands volunteers' range of knowledge about healthcare problems and practices in Central America, West Africa, and Greece. 


2. Connect with Like-minded Peers

Medical Brigades initiate action from not only pre-med students, but individuals studying all kinds of subjects. Everyone's background looks different, but each volunteer brings the same passion for sustainable healthcare accessibility, quality, and equity to our main goal. As a healthcare professional, you'll meet people from all walks of life - so why not start now?


3. Explore Areas of Medicine

The field of medicine is immensely broad and it's common for pre-med students to feel a bit indecisive when it comes to picking a specialty. Medical Brigades provide volunteers with the opportunity to get a taste of career paths in optometry, gynecology, general medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Volunteers have the option to prioritize the stations they are most interested in participating in and rotate throughout clinic days. 



Global Medical Brigades work alongside university students, pre-med and otherwise, to deliver a sustainable impact in healthcare, internationally. Our abroad and virtual medical programs partner volunteers with rural communities in Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Ghana, and Greece to provide healthcare clinics with medical professionals and passionate people. Interested in making Global Brigades a part of your pre-med journey? Join us!

Written By: Ashley Farhat, Marketing Associate