Student Profile: Gordon Lang


Establishing a Holistic Vision for Sustainable Development on Campus

Submitted by Steve Atamian, 01/13/2010

Gordon Lang came to Indiana University with two things in mind: academics and international development. Although the university offered several international volunteering opportunities, the programs were one dimensional without plan for sustainability. With the vision of giving IU students the opportunity to have a holistic and sustainable impact on international communities, Gordon turned to Global Brigades. To foster a collaborative movement on campus, he decided early that he would not focus on one Global Brigades discipline, but rather pursue several of the programs.  With the help of four passionate students from separate fields of study, Gordon established Water Brigades, Public Health Brigades, Medical Brigades, and Business Brigades within the first weeks of school.

By starting these disciplines concurrently, it has ensured on campus visibility and facilitated effective communication between all of the clubs. This has been accomplished through several measures. Structurally, all four Global Brigades disciplines are registered under one university entity. At a large school like IU, this has lead to greater recognition and respect from the University. In terms of fundraising, events are conducted by all four Global Brigades chapters, with the aim of raising awareness on campus for the movement and fostering strong relationships between the disciplines.

The positive results of this cohesive effort are undeniable.  With over 100 student volunteers registered for upcoming brigades, IU Global Brigades will undoubtedly have a profound impact on developing communities as well as spread the mission of Global Brigades to others on campus.



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