Virtually Connecting Through Challenging Times

Mar 25, 2020 11:26:25 AM | From the Field Virtually Connecting Through Challenging Times

Through challenging times, we want to stay virtually connected with you! Read this for a list of activities we can do to stay connected.

We know this is an overwhelming and stressful time while we collectively work to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’re finishing classes at home, daydreaming about your future brigade, or just needing an uplifting activity to take your mind off of things, we want to stay connected with the volunteers that we love. Check out some activities you can do virtually by yourself or with your GB Chapter to empower GB volunteers, community partners, and other GB Chapters around the world:

  1. Share a standalone Instagram post of a video of yourself sending a note of encouragement to GB staff, community partners, and other GB Chapters around the world. For Chapters: Collect videos from volunteers and post all videos in one from your Chapter account, then share it on your story. Tag @GlobalBrigades in both.
  2. Post a new #MyGBStory. Read through the entire “How to Tell Your Brigade Story” blog article to learn something new and further follow the post guidelines. Chapters: reshare each member’s post in an Instagram story. 
  3. Create a post about a healthcare professional who inspires you. Shout out to encourage the front lines of healthcare.
  4. Read through GB Blog articles, pick your favorite and summarize what inspires you in the template.
  5. Set aside time to take 10 deep breaths, look inward and touch base with yourself. If/when you feel ready, reach out to another brigader to check in and ask how they are doing.
  6. Bake or cook your favorite item and post the recipe for others to copy.
  7. Create a brigade Spotify playlist and have other brigade members contribute.
  8. Paint, draw, create a picture of what empowerment means to you and share it on social media! Don’t be afraid to get creative.
  9. GB Chapters: organize  virtual sewing sessions (many Chapters are currently working together to sew masks to donate).
  10. GB Chapters: Host a virtual documentary screening party and discussion afterward.

If you decide to do any of these activities, be sure to tag @GlobalBrigades on social media so we can share it and all connect together!

Written By: Taylor Clouse