Campus Chairpersons to Collaborate in Milwaukee

Fostering students’ passion to become better global citizens truly drives our health and development work.

That’s why every year, we host events where motivated students can learn to become better global leaders.  Through these conferences, we empower volunteers to share and expand their knowledge and bond over a common goal: to make this world a better place.

So much so that our movement has grown to more than 10,000 annual volunteers to our program countries!

How can we include even more brigaders in the conversation and further spread the Global Brigades movement? Based on feedback from chapter presidents, campus chairpersons, and volunteers alike: more conferences!

We think you’re onto something big.  But instead of having our limited staff plan these conferences, let’s create a system that aligns with our core values. Let’s enable regional leaders to host their own conferences with a budget and the support of our staff.

To kick this off, we’ll start the school year with the 2015 Campus Chairperson Conference.  

From September 18-20, our staff will join nearly 100 campus chairpersons in Milwaukee, WI – to begin planning their own regional conferences, open for all student leaders and volunteers to attend.

We’ll also discuss organization-wide initiatives and goals for the year so that our chairpersons are well-prepared to lead their campuses and chapters back home.

The Campus Chairperson Conference is a way for Global Brigades to foster our grass-roots nature.  We hope to empower campus leaders to mobilize students in their own regions, making resources more accessible to all impassioned volunteers and further growing our global movement.

If you’re a campus chairperson, we highly encourage you to attend this year’s conference. You have the power to revolutionize your campus – and we’re here to help!

Rest assured that if you can’t join us in Milwaukee, you can still tune in for the CCC! We’ll be posting regular updates on Facebook throughout the weekend and featuring blogs about key conference takeaways. You can even follow along with interesting sessions using #gbCCC15 on Twitter.  

Interested in becoming a campus chairperson? Learn more about the role and then apply today!

Change is important for any organization to grow, and we look forward to seeing how this new CCC will shape the future of Global Brigades!

Global Brigades