Global Brigades Acknowledged in John Perkins' New Book, Hoodwinked

The student-led sustainable development work of Global Brigades and partner organizations in Panama are featured in Hoodwinked, the new release of New York Times best selling author, John Perkins.

Brigades university clubs have developed microenterprise and environmental solutions through a mutual partner, Earth Train, for the Mamoni Valley Reserve. The Reserve is a focus of Mr. Perkins and also the campus of Global Brigades’ newest initiative, the Brigades Institute for Sustainable Development, launching in January, 2010, where Mr. Perkins will be participating. For more information on the Brigades Institute or Global Brigades community development projects in Panama, please contact Orion Haas at

Cover of John Perkins' new book, Hoodwinked

“I am encouraged by grassroots movements across this planet (described in HOODWINKED) and by the commitment of students on campuses in the US and throughout the world. Please read HOODWINKED, share it with your friends, and let’s together create a sustainable, just, and peaceful world”- John Perkins The book is for sale through John Perkins’ charitable website


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  1. conducted a study among 305 viewers of a news clip featuring a new book on how to “fix” Wall Street. Results found that 44% of viewers would buy the book, “Hoodwinked” by John Perkins. The overwhelming majority of viewers (93%) reported that businesses should take actions to benefit the public interest. The majority of viewers (77%) indicated that they were not aware of any companies that are currently taking actions to benefit the public interest. A similar number of viewers (78%) reported that they would be more likely to shop at a store if they knew that the business was taking actions to benefit the public interest.
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