“Prince and Mary changed my life in the most incredible way.”

Tabitha Baca, president of Miami Dade College’s Global Medical Brigade chapter, recently helped organize an extremely successful fundraiser raising over $4,600 for a sick child in Ghana.

Tabitha explained to us the inspiring story of how she first met Prince Inkoom, a 6-year-old boy in Ghana who has extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, and why she felt the need to help out:

291783_10151318176919669_623630828_nIt was the first week of our internship in Ghana and we nicknamed it the ‘door’ day because it wasn’t ‘door to door’ like in regular brigades, it was just a whole day with one family and this ‘door’ day is when I met Mary and Prince. We went behind the school in Egyankwa during recess where there were ladies selling an array of goods: rice, beans, fufu, etc. All the way in the back was a woman holding a little boy in her lap selling little bags of rice. She had the most inviting smile so I went with Leticia, an interpreter, and we sat down next to her. I began asking her about her job at the school and her kids. She told me about her family but she never mentioned Prince’s disability. I then asked her why Prince wasn’t at school with her other kids. She told me Prince was mute and immobile from the waist down- he was born this way. Mary told me that 560811_10151289597009669_31106605_nshe was a farmer and sold rice for a living and that she couldn’t afford to pay for Prince’s medical expenses. I asked if she was willing to work with me to improve Prince’s health and whole-heartedly she agreed. Mary and Prince were blessing in my life; they helped me much more than I thought possible and when I came back to Miami I felt like it was my time to reciprocate the favor. I sought help from my mother and with the help of the Gables Gals, a Food and Festival was organized to fund Prince’s expenses. Although I could never repay them for the life lessons they taught me, I felt like it was a little help. Prince will always be my inspiration and motivation and I’m so grateful I met him. Prince and Mary changed my life in the most incredible way.

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