How to Start a GB Chapter [Infographic]

By Anna Jamieson, Global Brigades Chapter Advisor

Creating a Chapter is one of the best ways to get involved with Global Brigades. Whether you want to introduce Global Brigades to a friend at another school, start a Global Brigades Chapter at your school or learn more about about the Chapter Creation process – here is an infographic with the steps to create a GB Chapter!

We want to make the Chapter Creation process as simple and straightforward as possible for you. Once you get started with this process you will be connected directly to a GB Chapter Advisor to assist you with the creation and development of your Chapter. Then, you will be introduced to a Program Associate who will support you in planning for your brigade. You will always have a direct contact with GB and we are here to support you!

Reach out today and follow these simple steps to starting a new GB Chapter! Email us at

How To Start a New Global Brigades Chapter:

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