Student Highlight: Jonathan Lee, a passionate "Brigade Crasher"


A passionate “Brigade Crasher”…

Submitted by Michelle Menclewicz, 02/10/2010

Inform, excite and INSPIRE! That is what we hope all of our GB leaders set out to do! Jonathan Lee is one such student who represents the spirit of Global Brigades. Jonathan first got involved with Global Brigades when he joined the UC San Diego Public Health Brigade in Honduras in March 2009.   With a passion for sustainable and environmental development, Jonathan’s next step was clear.  He set out to start the very first Environmental Brigade Club. With limited information and guidance, Jonathan began to plan for the brigade by first spreading the word on campus about this new opportunity.    He even used some of his creative skills to set up a comprehensive blog so that anyone interested in GEB could have the information at their fingertips.  Very soon he had a group of 16 students looking forward to implementing an environmental project in Panama!

Once in Panama, Jonathan and his group sought to pave the way for all future Environmental Brigaders.  During the week, the group installed solar panels on the rooftop of their community’s school, which will generate power to the lights not only in the school but also in the congressional buildings.  They also set up workshops to educate the families and children about the effects of climate change, water and nutrient cycles and the importance of waste reduction. The community greeted the students with open arms and was very pleased to have the opportunity to take part in this cultural exchange of knowledge and ideas.  It was an extremely successful brigade that could not have happened without Jonathan’s dedication and leadership.  If you want to learn more about the project and the community check out their Project Report here.

Anna, the GEB Director, has summed it very simply “He is kind, eloquent, compassionate, hard working and has a vision for himself and for the world.”  Besides his excitement and passion, Jonathan has also shared another interesting talent with Global Brigades, his artistic eye.  He documented the whole trip, while making sure to be culturally sensitive and respectful to the people of Nusatupu.  Check out the photos HERE.

Jonathan excites, inspires and shares.  He leads with passion and truth, fearlessly and wholeheartedly.  He helped to make his project a success! He takes on challenges not only with composure but with confidence!  He builds awareness and spreads the word. Clearly, Jonathan has set high standards for groups to come!

The best part is…Jonathan has coined a new phrase: “Brigade Crasher.”  Definition: Student who participates in two or more different brigade programs.  What will he do next?

Jonathan Lee building a Pila during a Public Health Brigade in Los Pajarillos, Honduras
Jonathan Lee building a Pila during a Public Health Brigade in Los Pajarillos, Honduras


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  1. A very promising young man, Jonathan, who happens to be my son. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to participant in something that he loves and enjoys, Michelle and Anna. We are truly proud of him. Also thank you for doing what your organization is working on.

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