Transition back to Honduras

Two days ago I landed in a country I’ve been to 4 times before. A country I missed with all my heart when I was away, and immediately felt at home with upon my arrival. The flight to Honduras was short, with the usual bad movie and even worse package of crap food, but it seemed like it took hours. Most of the flight I was looking down upon clouds, wondering if we were above water or land, but as we descended below the clouds I saw the beautiful green patchwork of Honduras that I had been missing. As we neared the landing strip (note: 1/3 the size of a standard runway) my heart was pounding so hard I was distracted from my usual prayer for a safe landing that I can’t help but mutter under my breath when I had landed here before.  Houses and hills flew by as our wheels touched the runway, and a swift pull of the break rocked us all into relief. With their lives safely protected by our skilled pilot, everyone burst into applause.

It’s been three months since I was here, and I had almost forgotten the subtleties of Honduran life. The way people talk so quickly and say “va?” as we say “right?” after everything. The way people bump into someone and will never say “sorry” or “excuse me.” The kiss on the right cheek when you greet someone. The insisting women that want you to “eat, eat eat”. The audacity of most men to straight up stare at a cute girl, and say dirty comments just loud enough for her to hear. The thick smell of pollution in the city. It all is coming back slowly, but nothing less than I expected.

I am back to work right away with the first brigade coming New Years Day. I’m bringing out all the old manuals, tools, and resources for brigades, and have a lot I want to accomplish. The transition into this Honduran lifestyle coincides perfectly with the new year, and a fresh new start for the next season of life.


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