GB Video Competition: Want to Win a Brigade Scholarship?

Have you ever struggled to explain what Global Brigades is to your family, friends, or potential volunteers? We know that it can be difficult, but so important, to find the words and resources to perfectly explain what it is like to take part in a this international movement of empowerment and sustainable development, which is why we need your help! Starting July 11th, we are launching a new competition, and the best part? YOU could win a brigade scholarship! All you have to do is submit a video.

We need your help to source new, engaging, and exciting videos to encourage more people to get involved in the Global Brigades movement. 

We want you to get those creative juices flowing! The video can be about the Holistic Model, your brigade program, The Empowered 100, or anything else you think would be useful to future GB Chapter Leaders and brigaders like you! The videos can be film-based, drawn, graphic design, or animated, the more creative the better. Video must be submitted in MP4 or MOV format. 

Our favorite videos will be featured on the Global Brigades Youtube Page, and the winner will earn one brigade scholarship. Global Brigades Staff will utilize the competition rubric to choose the best three videos, and then it will be up to the public to vote for the winner! The winner out of the finalists will be based on which video receives the most likes, comments, and shares. You have until 11:59 pm Eastern Time on October 4th to submit your video. Questions can be submitted to Be sure to include ‘VIDEO COMPETITION’ in the subject line. Happy creating!


  1. For your upcoming brigade, print out the guidelines below and plan your video content!
  2. With the content you’ve captured, be sure it meets ALL of the guidelines listed below, and that you’ve tailored the video to earn as many points as possible.
  3. Submit your video by 11:59 PM CST on October 4th to the Global Brigades Video Submission Form
  4. Finalists will be announced on October 21st and then vote for your favorite Video!
    1. The 3 videos with the highest score out of 15 points will be posted on the Global Brigades Facebook page for public voting.
  5. Wait for the winning video to be announced on October 29th! Keep in mind that the winner will receive a brigade scholarship and have their video displayed on Global Brigades’ YouTube!
    1. The winner will be chosen based on the number of likes, comments, and shares on the post!

General Requirements:

  1. Videos should be no more than 3 minutes
  2. Include Creator name in the title of Youtube video 
  3. Any data/information needs to be accurate- if you have questions about accuracy, please email with the subject line VIDEO COMPETITION QUESTION.
  4. Any music used needs to have “Creative Commons” for copyright purposes
  5. Follow all branding guidelines & use the GB Brand Resources when appropriate
  6. Content follows Global Brigades’ ‘Three C’s’


General requirements: 1-3 points

  • Publishable (music, imagery, appropriate verbiage)
  • Use of at least 2 Global Brigades values listed on the website
  • Video must be under 3 minutes

Content: 1-3 points

  • Use of GB vocabulary: Holistic Model, The Empowered 100, GB365 Programming, etc.
  • Has a central theme/clear point of view

Creativity: 1-3 points

  • Uniqueness, originality
  • Use of video form: film, footage, photos, animation, graphics, etc.
  • WOW factor

Design/Use of Media: 1-3 points

Overall Impact: 1-3 points

  • Captivates Global Brigades’ audience (university students)
  • Leaves a lasting impression on viewers

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Submit your video here.

Global Brigades