The Power of 10: A Decade of Impact with Global Brigades

Written by GB Senior Marketing Associate Sydney Colbert, Director of Impact & Evaluation Ben Erker, and Monitoring & Evaluation Associate Francis Ramos

Our special number

There are certain numbers that stand out among the rest. Like sweet 16, the renowned number 1, or an unlucky 7. We all have those special numbers that we hold dear because of their association with pivotal moments. For Global Brigades, one of those numbers is 10.

Over the past 10 years, Global Brigades has celebrated incredible moments of impact as well as challenging moments of hardship. From global pandemics to the expansion of virtual TeleBrigades, we’ve allowed all of our experiences to root us even deeper into our mission and expand our perspectives on ethical, sustainable, international development. What started as a group of passionate young adults looking to make a difference has turned into an empowering force of change-makers. Journey with us below, as we review a decade of impact with Global Brigades.

A Decade of Impact with Global Brigades

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