DU Medical Brigaders Experience Southern Honduras

We were thrilled to receive this incredibly supportive and positive email from Hengyi, a Medical Brigades volunteer at the University of Denver, who had an amazing time in-country in Honduras.  Hengyi’s testimonial highlights the dedication of our in-country staff members in Honduras and the warm and welcoming environment that our Honduran communities provide for volunteers. Thanks for the message, Hengyi!

DU MD GroupFirst of all, myself, Hengyi, and the whole DU Global Medical Brigade chapter would like to thank you all for allowing us to work in the south of Honduras. We all really enjoyed the amazing opportunity of working with the people of San Martin and El Espino.

I have talked to many of the students, and they have all told me that this was a life changing experience. The whole brigade went very well, thanks to the hard work of everyone involved.

DU Charla_DentalSome of the most memorable experiences for our students had to do with the house visits in San Martin. I’m so appreciative of the opportunity for us to go and actually see how the people in the community lived. It was inspiring to see that even though most of the people didn’t live in ideal circumstances, they made the most of what they had and were happy. Seeing that we were helping people with real needs will be imprinted on our students minds forever.

After our brigade and the house visits, we were really able to see the need for more brigades in the south of Honduras. A medical brigade coming into that region once a year is not enough. We will definitely talk to schools in our area about volunteering in the San Lorenzo region at our upcoming exchange here at DU. Hopefully our experience there can lead many other brigades to express interest in the south of Honduras.

DU House VisitThis brigade would not have been possible without all of your help. Your advice, support, and passion really rubbed off on our students. I’ve heard so much about how people want to get more involved with GB after coming back from our brigade. Without all that you do in country, the success of our brigade wouldn’t be as great.

Thank you again for all you have done for us.

Global Brigades

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