How To Tell Your Brigade Story

By Alexa Schmidt, Global Brigades Marketing Director

A brigade picture is worth almost a thousand words. When you look at all of the photos from your time volunteering with Global Brigades, how do you begin to share your story on social media? If you’ve ever thought, “My brigade was so amazing, I just can’t put it into words,” we’re here to help guide you to share your experience in a way that is ethical and impact-focused.

Our advice? Sit down, take a deep breath, and follow these steps to tell your #MyGBStory.

Identify What’s Important

Use your story to inspire others to join the GB movement, challenge stereotypes, and empower others. The thing is, if you’re able to give your friends, family, and followers a peek at your volunteer experience through a great photo and caption, you may end up inspiring someone else to volunteer or to start a GB Chapter at their university, which may end up empowering our organization to build a new water system, equip a new group of Community Health Workers, or capitalize a new Community Bank.

Step 1: Consent

While on your brigade, get informed consent. Write down the names of those pictured in the photo, and gather background information that will provide your friends and family with a solid context.

Step 2: Content

Choose a captivating photo. Select an image that truly represents your experience. Challenge yourself to avoid posting images of sensitive and vulnerable situations or photos where you are seen as the hero; look around during your brigade to see other GB heroes who are working by your side!

Step 3: Caption

Write your caption, and give context! Include the names of all pictured, the name of the community, and provide an explanation about the GB program you are a part of. Also, give your audience an action step. A stellar call to action will avoid leaving your audience hanging, so ask them to learn more on our website, or to ask you how they can get involved, or any other actionable response that comes to your mind.

Dig deeper into these questions:

Utilize the GB social media checklist below, inspired by Radi-Aid and Global Brigades Chapters at Penn State. We can’t wait to hear your stories, don’t forget to tag us! @GlobalBrigades #GlobalBrigades #MyGBStory

GB Social Media Checklist

Global Brigades

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