“I had the most amazing time of my life.”

We recently received this incredible email from Nassrin Saedi, the Dental Chair of Global Medical and Dental Brigades at the University of Arizona. In March, Nassrin participated on a Brigade to Southern Honduras where she had an unforgettable experience working in our communities and getting to know our amazing staff members. Thank you Nassrin for your kind words and for recognizing the hard work of our staff members! Read Nassrin’s testimonial to see firsthand how our staff works hard to create the best Brigade experience possible for our volunteers. You can also watch a short video Nassrin put together of her trip to Honduras here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtjWUbBZvDI

kids and IMy name is Nassrin and I am Dental Chair of Global Medical/Dental Brigades at the University of Arizona. This past week, March 11-17, my group and I traveled to San Lorenzo, Honduras. We served a total of 1,287 patients in a 4 day clinic. I am emailing to let GLOBAL BRIGADES HONDURAS know that we had the most amazing staff. For every single one of us, this was one of the best weeks of our lives.

This year – I had the most amazing time of my life. I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all the work that our Honduras staff put into this brigade.

Moises (our coordinator): He was such a welcoming, energetic, heart-warming, and most of all – inspiring leader. Moises always did his best to make sure we were comfortable and made sure to make us laugh at least once a day! He connected with every single one of us in one way or another by playing soccer with us, showing us his hidden talents (music), and helping us learn new skills. For example, he took the time to teach myself and other students how to take blood pressure one day. He showed great determination and work ethic 100% of the time! Not only is he a great leader, he is an amazing person, it was a blessing to have met such a strong and determined individual that has worked and continues to work with Global Brigades for so long.

Lincoln: What a great and kind individual. Each day on the bus, Lincoln gave us a “pep-talk” to encourage us to never give up on Honduras Staffthe Honduran people and to always maintain a positive/kind attitude. Although, we were not helping him directly, he thanked us each day for helping his people. He made sure we were always acknowledged, appreciated, and recognized through our service work. He told us his own personal stories and welcomed us with his heart and smile everyday.

Luis: Although, he did not speak English very well. He always welcomed each of us with a smile. He worked so hard during our stay to make sure everything was always up and running. I never once saw him sitting down, he was always eager to help in whatever way he can.

Mario: Mario was such a team player! He put so much effort in helping us with our dental charla. At first, it was very challenging because only some of us speaks Spanish. However, he did his best to make sure everything we said was translated back to the kids. He danced, sang, and laughed with all of us during the charla! The Charla was a huge success and Mario played a huge part in that. With his positive and determined attitude, he helped make our dental charla even more interactive and effective for the kids.

Home VisitRambo (security): Rambo did not speak much Spanish either, however, he took his job in a very serious and professional manner. Rambo was always watching out for us and made sure that our safety was his first priority. He always dropped in to each of our stations during clinic to make sure everything was okay.

Dentists Elena & Ingrid: These two dentists were amazing! Two of the most amazing and powerful ladies I have ever met in my life. These two ladies were very knowledgeable about dentistry yet still had so much fun. They made the dental clinic far from scary and put so much effort in explaining everything we did not understand. They genuinely believed in every single one of us and constantly reminded us to never give up our dreams of becoming a dentist.

Doctors: All of the doctors were phenomenal! Although, I am pre-dental rather than pre-med. I still felt a connection with each of the doctors because they put effort into getting to know each and every single one of us which meant a lot.

With that said, I am just amazed and astonished by this brigade. It was so organized, educational, eye-opening, and beyond what I Our teamexpected. Each of the staff members went above and beyond to make this brigade as successful and enjoyable as it was. I felt a connection with every single staff member and I just wanted to thank them for that.

This brigade was honestly the best week of my life and I would not change a single thing from it and I strongly believe it had everything to do with the staff. Thank you to everyone for allowing our group to experience such a beautiful and life-changing period in our lives,

Nassrin S.

Global Brigades

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