The Power of Virtual Service-Learning For International Business Classes

Aug 30, 2023 10:35:14 AM | Business The Power of Virtual Service-Learning For International Business Classes

Learn how virtual service-learning programs in international business education can provide students with hands-on experience and help them overcome financial and travel limitations. Discover the award-winning paper by Dr. Hyejin Cho and Dr. Betty Feng on managing diversity through the virtual Kambia Business Program.

Kambia is proud to announce that a paper authored by the SUNY Farmingdale professors Dr. Hyejin Cho and Dr. Betty Feng called "A Service-Learning Approach to Managing Diversity" about the virtual program they did with Kambia in 2022, has been awarded with the Best Paper Award in International Business Education at the Academy of International Business by the Consortium of Undergraduate IB Education!


You can read the full paper here to understand how a virtual Kambia Business Program can provide students with impactful international business experience directly from their classroom.

“Global Brigades helped me to develop my public speaking skills and my leadership skills working as a group,” shared one of Dr. Feng’s students. “It made me overcome personal challenges such as nervousness when speaking to an audience. Professionally it helped me further develop a mindset of critical thinking.”

In the paper, the authors highlight the value of virtual international service-learning programs for university students in overcoming financial barriers and travel limitations to still provide students with hands-on international business experience. “It is widely understood that building diverse and inclusive international business curricula is important,” the authors state, and through virtual programs like that of Kambia, “international business education can embrace cultural interactions while still meeting the diverse needs of students.”


During each Kambia Virtual Business Program, students consult entrepreneurs and business owners abroad through live-streamed sessions and develop real-world solutions to help these clients grow their business. Students are partnered with Kambia business mentors, international professionals that guide the students through the program. This program “was effective in developing my communication skills because we received feedback from our mentors that helped us to deliver better solutions for our client," shared another student.

Kambia’s goal is to bring international service-learning directly to your classroom to provide your students with real-world business consulting experience. In addition to the virtual programs, we also host business faculty and students abroad in Panama, Ghana and Greece to work in-person with our international business professionals to bring financial consulting services to under-served clients.

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Thank you Dr. Cho and Dr. Feng for your contribution to this work, and congratulations on your well-deserved Best Paper Award in International Business Education!




Marco Cálix

Written By: Marco Cálix