Your Guide To Navigating The Kambia Business Program

Sep 27, 2021 12:53:31 PM | Business Your Guide To Navigating The Kambia Business Program

Check out our Kambia Business Program Handbook to help you better understand the activities students engage in during their virtual Kambia experience.

Understanding the Kambia Business Program 

Kambia’s Business Program makes real-world international business consulting accessible at a time where travel may not be an option for many students. Through self-paced activities, the support of our in-country staff, and mentors from Deloitte or Accenture, business students can apply their skills, foster cultural competency, and create consulting deliverables to help grow small businesses in under-resourced communities around the world. 

We have created this short guide to introduce you to the Kambia Business Program Workbook and help you better understand the activities students engage in during their virtual Kambia experience.

A university student connects directly to our international business clients from their home.

Introduction to Staff & Session Overview

Kambia Business students begin by learning about the activities they will engage in and meeting the staff that will support them over the course of their program. As you will see in the workbook pages below, instructors can also understand the learning objectives of the program and get an overview of how each of the activities will be implemented into every session.

Learn About The Program Country

The Kambia Business Program is built on a foundation of understanding the cultural and economic context of the countries Kambia works in. As you will see in our handbook, students will learn about the country’s wealth distribution and how this affects various economic sectors.

Learn About & Meet The Client

Students will also have the opportunity to review their client’s business profile and assess their client’s strengths, weaknesses, and challenges to better support them in the creation of deliverables for their business including (but not limited to); financial analysis, marketing assets, and an action plan.

Create Deliverables

After assessing the client’s business and understanding their goals, students work with mentors from Deloitte and Accenture to create deliverables that address the client’s needs. As you will see in the workbook pages below, clients are presented with a strategic, sustainable plan to grow the success of their business even after their Kambia program is over.

Reflect On Experience

At Kambia, we have a vision to see millions of empowered community members with the resources and capacity to thrive. This not only applies to the communities in which we work but also to the passionate students who partner with those communities to make an incredible impact on global health and economic disparities. 

At the conclusion of a Kambia Business Program, students have the chance to reflect on their experiences and celebrate the future success of their clients. We offer students writing prompts to inspire them to think critically about each session they participate in and how their experience can impact the lives of others locally and globally.

Your Class Can Partner With A Small Business Client

Kambia business clients are excited to partner with students to grow their small businesses. If you would like to partner with a micro-enterprise client, schedule a call with us to learn more about incorporating a Kambia Business Program into your curriculum.

Written By: Global Brigades