Do you know your privilege?

Jan 26, 2023 8:13:59 AM | Kambia Do you know your privilege?

University educators understand how Kambia can inspire a global mindset in their students.

Let's consider the subject of ‘Reversing Racist Practices in International Education,’ in which author Blase Scananti poses the question, “[It] is not whether people [working in international education] are of goodwill – but, rather, what are the actual outcomes of decisions, practices, and programs?” In our field of international development and its interception with volunteering, we can assume there's an inevitable inequity when traveling abroad.


While traveling, we experience many cultural shocks, and understanding that people's lives are different from each other creates a picture of our privilege.

You can create a different mindset of how the world can be a better place by experiencing a Kambia Program, and it will provide you with broad knowledge of other cultures and how to empower areas that need it most. 


The article 'Reversing Racist Practices in International Education’ helps the reader consider where they're coming from, how they're acting, and how to understand others in your community, school, college, neighborhood, or even your own family. 

Having an intercultural exchange on an in-person or virtual program through a Kambia can help you gain an understanding of:

  • How to practice mutual accountability.

  • Having a plan and creating action via a strategy to attack specific issues or figure out a solution. 

  • Finding where the issue is being vocalized and creating awareness of what's happening. 

  • Acting and creating change, small steps towards a bigger goal. 

Students are now more open to change and creating action, having the chance to help others via interexchange social programs to change global views. 

Learn more about the Kambia programs and how to leave a mark on our world here on our website.

Written by: : Erick Solis, Marketing Associate