Global Medical Brigades: The Ripple Effect of Donations

Jun 24, 2024 9:57:05 AM | Medical Brigades Global Medical Brigades: The Ripple Effect of Donations

Global Medical Brigades mobilizes volunteers for sustainable health & WASH projects. Our data shows how impact is made through generous donations.

Global Medical Brigades is an international non-profit organization that mobilizes thousands of volunteers each year to implement sustainable health and WASH development projects in under-resourced communities. Our 2023 data highlights the impact and ripple effect catalyzed and sustained by generous donations. 

Where do donations go?

Donations to Global Medical Brigades directly empower access to healthcare and WASH solutions. In 2023, 44,317 medical and dental consultations were provided, along with 8,131 vision screenings and 412 OBGYN consultations. True to our value of sustainability, our impact extends beyond medical patient services. Over the years, our work has empowered over 54,600 people with access to clean water and 4,387 families with public health infrastructure improvements.

With a holistic approach, we drive sustainable impact by collaborating with volunteers, local staff, and community partnerships. This is the impact made possible by volunteering with Global Medical Brigades.

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Written By: Alexa