Empowering Communities: Global Medical Brigades' Sustainable Impact in Ghana

Aug 24, 2023 2:43:17 PM | Medical Empowering Communities: Global Medical Brigades' Sustainable Impact in Ghana

Bridging healthcare gaps in Northern Ghana, show how sustainable change and collaboration seeks lasting impact!


In the heart of the Tamale region, where remoteness and lack of access to healthcare intertwine, the Global Medical Brigades team in Ghana has just initiated medical attention, marking a significant step towards creating lasting change in the region. The first community visited, Bamvim, serves as a powerful testament to the impact that collaboration can have. It showcases the potential for sustainable progress and the transformative effects it can bring.

What can be done for sustainability in Ghana? 

The Ghana National Health Insurance exemplifies a sustainable approach to healthcare. A total of 152 community members have been successfully enrolled in the healthcare scheme, ensuring ongoing access to medical services. This collaboration not only highlights the dedicated efforts of Global Medical Brigades Ghana but also demonstrates how NGOs and local authorities can come together to create lasting change.

The NHIS in Ghana provides essential medical services to all citizens, regardless of their socio-economic background, as long as they register first. It operates by pooling resources from beneficiaries, employers, and government funding, allowing registered members to access a wide range of healthcare services. By alleviating the financial burden of medical expenses, the NHIS empowers individuals and families to seek necessary care without fear of high costs. Global Medical Brigade facilitates registration to the scheme during mobile clinics, promoting continuity in healthcare empowerment.

bbab7031-fb07-4912-959a-3dcde9f39d50Optometry consult is provided to patients that attended the mobile clinic                                

An essential aspect of sustainability involves ensuring that positive changes are effectively carried forward in the long run. In the case of the Bamvim community, 126 children and 26 adults have successfully enrolled in the Ghana Health Insurance Scheme. This pivotal initiative not only relieves the financial burden of healthcare expenses but also lays the foundation for a healthier and more secure future within the healthcare system for these individuals. It serves as a gentle reminder that even the smallest contributions possess the ability to create transformative ripples that extend far beyond the present moment.

"Growing up, this has been my first time to witness this kind of help from a medical team and not only that, (but) even the elders (both men and women) and children that came for this health exercise all expressed their excitement and happiness towards this journey that the medical team embarked to our community" says  Alhassan Iddrisu from Malshegu Gundaa Naa’s house at the Tamale region. "Looking at the number of people who came out for this exercise really shows that the work or service that was rendered to the people was effective. Because if it wasn’t effective, nobody would have come for the second day’s check-up or service. We are so grateful and we appreciate your services. May God almighty help and increase your services so that many others will benefit from it."  Alhassan's words fill both Global Medical Brigades and community members with excitement, as they beautifully illustrate the significance of collaboration in providing healthcare services in the region. 


IMG_5970Alhassan Iddrisu from Malshegu Gundaa Naa’s house at the Tamale region shared his excitement about the significant advance for healthcare on his community.                         

What happens next?

After providing medical attention to 188 patients at the first mobile clinic in Bamvim, the question arises: what comes next? As we contemplate the impact of sustainable projects like the Ghana Health Insurance, it becomes evident that the journey is far from complete. The ongoing challenge of providing accessible healthcare, particularly in remote and impoverished regions, persists. The efforts of Global Medical Brigades and volunteers have shown that progress can be made, but additional support is required. Whether through donations, time, or expertise, every contribution is significant. Together, we can ensure that communities like Bamvim continue to receive the care and attention they so rightly deserve.

7ffcc9f9-18eb-4575-bfbc-c0d8f5ff1569Community members at Bamvim, Northern Ghana.

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