Stories Of Sustainable Impact: 10 Top GB Blog Posts in 2018

We had a busy year filled with training Community Health Workers, planning for brigades and Leadership Institutes, and celebrating our 10 year anniversary, just to name a few things. As we reflect on blog articles written throughout 2018, we look forward to a year ahead with new accomplishments and impact. Enjoy this countdown of the top 10 Global Brigades blog posts of 2018!

10. Community Health Workers: Accessible Healthcare in Rural Communities

One major barrier to accessible healthcare in Honduras is understaffed healthcare providers in rural communities. While the CDC estimates physician population density to be .37 physicians per 1000 population in Honduras, the majority of these health services are located in urban areas. Read the blog here.

9. Inspire Your Summer: Global Brigades Leadership Institute

Summer vacation can be a breath of fresh air as you take a break from a busy and stressful academic and extracurricular schedule. But, staying busy or finding new inspiration is always a good idea to fill your summer with. This blog explores the possibility of inspiring your summer by traveling abroad to learn about how you can make an impact as a global leader. Read the blog here.

8. You Can’t Have a Medical Brigade Without Medications

Each tablet, pill, and drop of medication is accounted for with our local pharmacy teams before being distributed on a Medical Brigade. Whether it’s a partnership or donation, the medications have to come from somewhere! Learn more about how Medical Brigades sources medications and donations for mobile medical clinics. Read the blog here.

7. Community-Based Healthcare

Global Brigades’ CHW Program works to resolve health disparities in our partner communities, particularly for patients with chronic illnesses, by creating regular access to healthcare in communities to offer treatment to patients refer them to seek further medical attention. GB’s CHW Program aims to empower communities and CHWs, so they have a reliable healthcare system within their communities that is ultimately independent of Global Brigades. Read the blog here.

6. Who Will Cut The Birthday Cake? GB Celebrates 10 Years

Global Brigades is officially 10 years old! We are deeply grateful for the passionate people who have helped us grow to the point of being a thriving sustainable development organization. Volunteers, staff, and community members have poured creativity, efficiency, and expertise into our organization and kept us accountable throughout the process. We wouldn’t be here today without your persistent support, so thank you. In June 2008 we received our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS, and we’re celebrating by sharing ten amazing things we have been able to accomplish. Read the blog here.

5. Global Business Brigades in Ghana: 3 Enterprise Consultations

In January 2018, Business Brigades volunteers from Bocconi University in Italy worked with three different enterprises in Ekumfi District in Central Region of Ghana. With support from the brigade’s customized business plans, the GB Ghana team is excited to share details of the collaborative work that happened through the partnership of Business Brigade volunteers and local enterprises. Read the blog here.

4. One Brigade At A Time: A Thank You to Brigade Leaders

Brigade leaders, how do you make it look so easy? On top of keeping up with your coursework, exams, and club meetings, you are planning a brigade! That is no joke. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication that makes your brigade a success! Read the blog here.

3. Global Brigades and The UN Sustainable Development Goals

From the intersection of Global Brigades’ development work and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals came The Empowered 100 initiative as a commitment to empower 100 rural Central American communities to permanently rise out of global poverty. Read the blog here.

2. Experience GB’s Holistic Model: Leadership Institutes

Leadership Institutes provide students with a volunteer opportunity like no other by providing an in-depth and experiential look into the inner workings of Global Brigades. The itinerary covers a range of development programs – medical, public health, water, engineering, business, and legal empowerment. Leadership Institutes give students a greater understanding of Global Brigades’ monitoring and evaluation process between brigades, year-round programming employed to grow community partnerships, and the continuous work executed to empower sustainable development within communities. Read the blog here.

1. How To Tell Your Brigade Story

Sharing stories accurately and ethically on social media is now more important than ever. In order to highlight the impact made with volunteers, local staff, and partner communities, we created a guide to help international volunteers use social media as a tool to further impact with brigade stories. Read the blog here.

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