Giving Tuesday is for Giving Toilets

Nov 21, 2019 1:01:42 PM | Brigader Buzz Giving Tuesday is for Giving Toilets

Learn about how you can support Ekumpoano, Ghana with our Giving Tuesday Movement!

Written by Taylor Clouse, Global Brigades Marketing Associate

Global Brigades is taking part in Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is a movement to create an international day of charitable giving at the beginning of the holiday season. This year, we are raising money to further empower Ekumpoano, Ghana!

About Ekumpoano

Ekumpoano sits near the coast in the Central Region of Ghana. Community members work primarily in farming and fishing. Global Brigades is currently implementing Medical, Public Health, and Business Brigades in Ekumpoano and collaborating with local partners and the government to improve healthcare and access to water. Global Brigades has successfully constructed 76 in-home biogas toilets for families in Ekumpoano. Supporting the Giving Tuesday initiative for Ekumpoano will empower families with in-home access to public health infrastructure, in the form of flush toilets, directly impacting their health and economic development. Read about this community member’s experience with Global Brigades partnering with Ekumpoano:

Abiw in front of a Public Health Project

“My name is Emmanuel Abiw, I live in Ekumpoano. Global Brigades has rendered so much support to myself and the entire Ekumpoano Community. The entire community has been defecating along the beach over the past years. This situation exposes the community to poor hygienic conditions and the prevalence of cholera and diarrhea cases. With the introduction of the household toilet construction by Global Brigades, open defecation has reduced drastically and the swarm of houseflies has reduced in the entire community. Community members have also received adequate education on the need to wash hands regularly and also improve hygiene at their respective households and schools. The community is hoping to record lower cholera and diarrhea cases in the coming years. Within just one month, Global Brigades has successfully constructed 17 biogas toilets for seventeen households in Ekumpoano. This has brought a drastic improvement to the community. Now, over 60 households have registered their names to have these toilets constructed in their homes. I believe that if every house should get this toilet, open defecation, diarrhea and cholera cases will be a thing of the past in Ekumpoano. We really thank Global Brigades for coming to Ekumpoano.” 

– Emmanuel Abiw, Community Health Worker in Ekumpoano

We challenge YOU to support additional households that have requested this public health infrastructure to be constructed, to ultimately achieve the goal of over 90% of homes in Ekumpoano with access to safely managed sanitation services.

Community members of Ekumpoano

How can you give?

For Giving Tuesday, we are challenging everyone to donate to the community of Ekumpoano! It only takes $240 to install a flush toilet with biodigester to benefit an entire family, imagine how many we can build if everyone donates at least $25!

What’s better? Darley International is matching up to $2,000 in individual donations!

Each donation over $50 will receive a custom Wristsponsible bracelet as a thank you, and as a reminder of the collaborative support that is empowering public health in Ekumpoano.

 If you want to take part in Giving Tuesday, donate today by going to!

Written By: Taylor Clouse