Roadtrippin' to Panama

So earlier this week I began a three day roadtrip from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Panama City, Panama.  It was actually an incredibly beautiful drive.  Country to country, through the mountains, scenic vistas the entire drive.  The roads, as you can imagine, leave something to be desired, but that comes with the territory.  Overall, the actual […]

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The Search for Community Health Workers

So I’ve finally discovered why administrators are always complaining about having to interview applicants for job positions, it’s exhausting.  Daisy, Hiral, Jon and myself have spent the last week identifying communities that might be appropriate for our pilot run of Community Health Workers (CHWs from now on to save on typing).  We decided that we […]

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Welcome to the New Global Medical Brigades!

2 weeks in: Alright, this is going to be a quick update of the new direction we’re going to try to be taking  Global Medical Brigades.  As anyone that has ever been on a brigade knows, GMB is an incredible international student run volunteer organization.  However, there has been some criticism of our longterm sustainability, […]

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