Student Highlight: Christina Foust

CHRISTINA FOUST An Inspiring Leader Submitted by Suzanne Zuppello, 05/14/2010 I first had the privilege of meeting Christina Foust at the beginning of March 2010 when she traveled here as co-president of UNC Water Brigades. From the first few moments in the airport, I knew Christina was an excellent leader as I saw her group […]

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Water Project Inauguration

Party in El Zurzular! Suzanne Zuppello, Ben Erker and Joel Cruz 02/10/2010 On January 22, 2010, we were not making just any trip to El Zurzular. The sense of calm usually felt on our drive to the community was replaced with a combination of excitement and nerves. We hoped that what lay before us would […]

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Not your typical 9 to 5…

How many 20-somethings wake up every morning actually looking forward to work? Judging from the constant grumbling coming from my former classmates a few months into their lives in the “real world”, not many. They have to wake up before sunrise, dressing themselves in the uncomfortable attire that is “business professional”, cramming into hot and […]

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Pickaxing our way across Honduras

On the last day of this brigade season came our payoff. A group of students from University of Washington stood on top of the storage tank in Zurzular to see water begin to flow, which marked the completion of not only their project but the first major project by Global Water Brigades.

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Cuantas personas viven aqui?

“Cuantas personas viven aqui?” A question such as this typically has a straightforward answer, but when you’re on your last day of brigading, at your last house to survey, the fates would never provide the answer you’re looking for. We were at the house of the resident abuelo, a toothless man in his 80s living […]

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