77 in 5: A Deadline for Sustainable Transitions

Global Brigades responds to the United Nations call to eliminate poverty and addresses the Sustainable Development Goals while sustainably transitioning out of 77 communities in 5 years.

Out of Office: Professionals Bring Expertise on Brigade

Marketing professionals Jim Knutsen and Kyndra Wilson reflect on their recent Business Brigade to Honduras.

Ghana, One Year Later: Microfinance

In Part IV of our Ghana, One Year Later blog series, Global Brigades Ghana prepares communities to support themselves.

Ghana, One Year Later: Education

In one community, Global Brigades Ghana realizes something outside of our Holistic Model is missing…

Ghana, One Year Later: Health

Health posts dot the landscape of Ekumfi District. But when even the nearest health post is still too far to reach, how do remote communities access medical care?

Ghana, One Year Later: Water

Rain falls most steadily in Ghana from May to September, and for communities in the Ekumfi District, more rain means more drinking water.

What’s It Like to Host a Student Leadership Conference?

Global Brigades chapters across Canada kicked off 2016 with three inspiring Student Leadership Conferences. Here, University of Toronto Global Brigades shares their experience hosting the Central Canada SLC. By Nadine Narain and Sarah Wheeler, UTGB Executive Board & Conferenc…

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When Small Farmers Succeed, the Global Climate Wins Too

Adaptation is key for a development organization. Just as communities continue to grow and evolve, so must the programs with which they partner. In light of this ever-changing environment, Global Brigades works to constantly analyze and modify our program structure so that commun…

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Remembering Elsi Marisol

It is with great sadness that we share with you the news that our reference patient and sol, Elsi Marisol, passed away on Thursday, November 19.

Campus Chairpersons to Collaborate in Milwaukee

Fostering students’ passion to become better global citizens truly drives our health and development work. That’s why every year, we host events where motivated students can learn to become better global leaders.

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