A Lesson in Leadership: Emphasizing the “We”

Global Brigades counts on motivated student leaders to accomplish the recruitment and fundraising goals necessary to support the on-the-ground work in partner communities. This begs the question, what does a strong leader look like? Check out this blog post to learn more about st…

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Beyond Good Intentions: Evaluating the Ethics of Volunteering & Performative Activism

Engaging in international volunteering comes with a responsibility to educate ourselves and approach communities with humility. As we strive to be global citizens, it is important to recognize history and constantly examine our own motivations.

We Are Not The Saviors of This Story: Addressing White Saviorism Together

If we consider ourselves Global Citizens, then we must examine our intentions and ensure that we are putting the rights, respect, and desires of the community first and foremost in our practices.

Global Brigades Announces TeleBrigades: International Community Service for All

How do we teach students to be Global Citizens and make a global impact in a virtual environment? We are excited to introduce you to TeleBrigades, the highest impact international sustainable development volunteer program, which also happens to be completely virtual.

Campus Chairpersons: 5 Benefits for this Unique GB Leadership Position

Here are 5 unique Benefits of the GB Campus Chairperson Leadership Position!

Your Guide to Writing About Your Brigade on Your Medical School Application

Seven tips on how to write about your brigade on your medical school application.

Bigger Family, Bigger Impact: Meet Squads Abroad!

They say family gives you the roots to stand tall and strong; let us be the first to introduce you to our younger sibling, Squads Abroad! With Global Brigades and Squads Abroad working together our Holistic Model is set to be more impactful than ever! Just like your family, our f…

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How to Connect with Your Community *Your* Way

Check out some of the ways that you can connect with your community during this challenging time!

4 Ways Leadership Institutes Can Impact Your Future

Leadership Institutes are an amazing opportunity for volunteers! Learn more about the impact they can make on your future.

Virtually Connecting Through Challenging Times

Through challenging times, we want to stay virtually connected with you! Read this for a list of activities we can do to stay connected.

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